Why It’s Important to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a crime in St Charles, Missouri, it’s important to find a strong criminal defense attorney. An attorney can help you avoid jail time, pleading guilty, and a negative impact on your life. That is where I can help you.

Criminal charges are a frightening and stressful experience. It’s always best to have an advocate on your side. That’s why I am here for you.

In St. Charles, Missouri, you can face both misdemeanor and felony charges. Misdemeanors carry a maximum of a fine and the possibility of a jail sentence, while a felony can result in years in prison. Depending on the circumstances, you may be required to complete community service, probation, or serve a prison term.

I Can Help You

As a qualified St Charles Missouri Criminal Defense Attorney I can provide legal advice, investigate the charges, and represent you at trial. You should only accept a plea deal if you and your lawyer has thoroughly reviewed it.

A felony conviction can have a profound impact on your life. Convictions may result in the loss of certain rights, such as voting and the ability to own firearms. Also, a convicted felon may be banned from running for office or holding certain jobs.

Many accused people feel that they have no one to turn to for advice. They may also be confused by the complicated and confusing nature of the legal system.

A good St Charles Missouri Criminal Defense Attorney will explain the charges and penalties to you. I will work with you to get your case dismissed or dropped to a lower level of crime.

Don’t Put It Off

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