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St. Charles Felony DUI Defense Attorney

Facing Felony DUI Charges? Contact Wayne Schoeneberg: a Felony DUI Defense Attorney with 40+ Years of Experience.

IF you’ve been charged with a felony DUI, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and more than a little frightened. However, a charge is not a conviction. Wayne T. Schoeneberg is a results-oriented  felony DUI defense attorney who has been fighting for his clients and winning for more than 40 years. He can help. Whether you’re facing a third-offense DUI or accusation of intoxicated vehicular manslaughter, he’ll be at your side and in your corner throughout the case.

Let Wayne T. Schoeneberg fight for exceptional results in your defense today. Contact the firm online or at (314) 708-1000.

Felony DUI Offenses

There are two different types of felony DUIs and  the consequences of both vary depending on the severity of the offense. Do NOT attempt to negotiate this system without legal support! Contact an experienced Felony DUI Defense Attorney like Wayne Schoenbeberg for help!

Multiple DUI Offenses

In Missouri, a third DUI offense is classified as a Class D felony, known as a “Persistent Offender” offense. Upon conviction, the individual may encounter severe penalties.

If you’re found guilty of an alcohol- or drug-related offense for the second time within five years, you could face a license denial lasting five years.

Subsequent convictions come with even stiffer penalties. We go into more details about multiple DUI offenses–here.

Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated

In general, if a motorist kills another person while driving in an intoxicated condition (impaired due to alcohol or drugs or possessing a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or more), they are guilty of a Class C felony.

Sentencing Guidelines for Felony DUIs

The severity of the penalties we’re discussing here are not inevitable. As an experienced felony DUI defense attorney, Wayne Schoeneberg may be able to reduce or-sometimes-eliminate them entirely. Don’t wait to contact him so he can help you get ahead of the accusations.

Multiple DUI Offenses

While the standard first-time DUI is a misdemeanor in Missouri, multiple convictions and extenuating circumstances (e.g., vehicular manslaughter) could lead to felony charges. We go into more detail about multiple DUI offenses here.   

 Vehicular Man Slaughter

In Missouri, DUI Vehicular Manslaughter, also known as a class C felony carries 3-10 years in prison and a maximum of $10,000 in fines.

The severity of the charges will be contingent upon whether the person was in the vehicle with you or in another vehicle, whether you have been convicted previously for DUI. And whether the prosecutor can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the person responsible for the collision.

The charges can carry severe consequences.  In such cases, the individual may face prosecution for involuntary manslaughter or even second-degree murder, depending on the circumstances and the degree of negligence or intent involved.

This is why a good felony DUI defense attorney is essential to your case and why you want someone with experience and is sympathetic to your cause. Wayne Schoeneberg is that lawyer.



Right now these are charges-not convictions!

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