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Mr. Shoeneberg was excellent to work with. Getting in touch with him was easy and his responses were always fast and friendly. He handled my traffic case efficiently and saved me a ton of hassle. I will definitely be returning to him the next time I need legal assistance.

Jon Saale5 Star

I am very happy with my new lawyer. Very professional and gets the job done. Very nice and funny guy also.

David Landolt5 Star

Wayne is a well dressed, very efficient and smooth lawyer not to mention very reasonably priced… hands down the best lawyer I’ve ever used.. highly recommend

Stephen Sullivan5 Star

It was great working with Wayne. He was quick and to the point and most of all easy to get ahold of. I recommend him to anyone looking for a great defense attorney!

Joshua Radtke5 Star

I am very happy with my new lawyer. Very professional and gets the job done. Very nice and funny guy also.

Daniel Landolt Jr.5 Star

I’ve known Mr. Schoeneberg for quite a long time. He has helped me with numerous problems over the years. He is honest, reliable and most of all easy to work with.

Skeli Noel5 Star

Wayne is a great attorney. Anytime I have needed him he has been there for me. His communication is flawless and is crucial to keeping me up to date. I have never been less than pleasantly surprised by him. He texts which is super convenient. Overall a fantastic attorney and very helpful even when he is not being paid!

Dylan B5 Star

Mr. Schoeneberg stuck with me, no matter how long it took, to give me the best outcome that could be achieved. I highly recommend him. If you want somebody on your side, he’s the one to pick.

Pod-Grown5 Star

Me and Wayne Schoeneberg go way back to when I was a juvenile and he is a professional, very honest, affordable, and a miracle worker and I’m writing this because Wayne has worked a few miracles for me and I would most certainly go back to him for traffic violations or serious cases whatever the case may be he’s awesome.

Steven Davis5 Star

Mr Schoeneberg is an outstanding attorney. Makes sure the client understands each step of the process you’re going through. Always quick to respond and get things taken care of quickly. If you need legal advice I would highly recommend you contact Mr Schoeneberg.

Chris Allen5 Star

Wayne is a very strategic thinker. He quickly sees the strengths and weaknesses in a case and the tactics that the opponents will use. This allows him to develop the right strategy to win. Both charges were dismissed in the hearing phase. Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Brian Burgdorf5 Star

Wayne was very professional and straight forward. He handled everything just like he said he would . Highly Recommend, Hire with Confidence!

Matt Brock5 Star

A great lawyer who can explain how your whole situation will work out at the right price. When Wayne says it, he means it and is to be fully trusted. He will handle the workload with you doing minimum. Once your problems are in his hands, you have nothing to worry about. Great guy

AndySTL045 Star

Very quick, professional and simple! No stress through the entire process.

Sarah Thompson5 Star

Wayne has helped me out a few times now and he’s always been incredibly professional and things have always turned out just fine with him on my side. I highly recommend him as an attorney.

Cassie Tingley5 Star

Great service! Super friendly and responded quickly- easy to contact. I recommend Wayne!

Cameron Jaede Thompson5 Star

I got into some legal trouble at a young age; Not knowing what to do next, my parents and I were able to find attorney Wayne. He helped me through the entire process, making sure my parents and I were comfortable with the results. He was able to guide us through the case and answer all the random questions I had. I felt comfortable talking to him about what had happened, and I couldn’t have found someone better to defend me. He made sure the case went as smoothly as possible. I RECOMMEND ATTORNEY WAYNE!

Antonette Pacheco5 Star

Great lawyer took care of my problem immediately. Also he Is there for you at any time of the day and does a great job. Highly recommend

Logan Crow5 Star

Excellent service. Not only by his knowledge, but also by his customer service. Very cleared explanations of how everything works and what the client has to do. I reccomend Wayne 100%!

Jonas Malave5 Star

Highly recommend Wayne. Very professional and very good at what he does. If it’s a problem he fixes it!

Jaylie Smashey5 Star

I retained Wayne Schoeneberg to take care of a ticket for me. He did a exceptional job for me.

Raymond McCune5 Star

Efficient. Effective. Great communication! Thanks Wayne.

DoctorCorn MD5 Star

One of the best criminal defense attorneys in St. Charles. Very experienced. Excellent results.

Richard Lozano5 Star

I got my first speeding ticket and initially met with the Traffic Law Center. They said the district I got the ticket in is hard on my type of speeding ticket and will not amend it. At the recommendation. Of my car group I got a second opinion from Wayne. He was very knowledgable and straightforward about the process and his fee and what to expect. I decided to hire Wayne. He took care of everything and I didn’t have to take off work to appear in court at all. Fast forward and I received a letter stating the ticket was amended to a non moving violation. I couldn’t be happier with the result. The price of hiring Wayne combined with the ticket is much lower than the cost of the original ticket and the resulting hike in insurance. Would hire again and will definite recommend to anyone.

Charles Grant-Dixon5 Star

A fantastic attorney would recommend to all friends and family.

Christine Hogan5 Star

Very friendly and professional! Got the job done quickly. Thanks Wayne!

Hannah Drury5 Star

Very friendly and professional! Got the job done quickly. Thanks Wayne!

Nick Bishop5 Star

Excellent lawyer I’d recommend him to anyone who’s in trouble … 🎉🎉🎉

Khaliah Garwood5 Star

Very best you could ask for!

Robert Mudd5 Star

He’ll make it go away.

B. Smith5 Star

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Kenadie Stallons5 Star

Barb Long5 Star

Danny Laksod5 Star