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Have You Been Charged With a DUI or DWI?

You’ve been accused of an alcohol related driving offense and you probably feel terrible.  And how you’re feeling is perfectly understandable. But you need to be proactive and act before all the decisions are made for you by people who don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart.

You need somebody who understands what you are going through right now: a DWI or DUI defense attorney who knows exactly what you need and how to help.

Give us a call. The sooner we talk about this, the better.

Wayne T. Schoeneberg is an experienced DUI defense attorney and will help you figure out what it is you’re facing. 

If concerns about the cost of a lawyer is stopping you from making that call, set it aside for now and give us a call. 

 You have enough to worry about. We will not charge you for a single consultation. And we are not some desperate law firm attempting to grab your money and throw you under the bus later. We take the time to assess your situation and help you decide on the best course of action. If you need proof, you can check out what past clients have had to say.  

Let’s talk about the different kinds of DUIs or DWIs and what they each mean so you’ll have a better idea of what to tell us when you call. 

First things first–DUI or DWI?

Before we go any further–The terms  DUI and DWI are used interchangeably and are the same exact offense. We go into more detail about this here

While we typically use DUI, one term is not superior to the other.

Multiple DUI

The severity of penalties for DUI depends significantly on how many prior convictions the defendant has. A first offense may carry a maximum of 6 months in jail, up to $1,000 in fines, and a 30-day license suspension. Second and subsequent offenses, however, carry lengthier and severer penalties.

Felony DUI 

While the standard first-time DUI or DWI is a misdemeanor in Missouri, multiple convictions and extenuating circumstances (e.g., vehicular manslaughter) could lead to felony charges.

DUI Manslaughter 

Vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated occurs when a motorist drives in an intoxicated condition and acts in a criminally negligent manner, causing the death of another person. Note that being in an intoxicated condition means the motorist’s ability to operate a vehicle is impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Underage DUI

Any underage driver convicted of DWI could face a range of penalties, from jail time to fines to license suspension and revocation. First-time underage DWI offenders could face up to 6 months in jail, and repeat offenders can face lengthier sentences.

As your  DUI defense attorney, Wayne Schoeneberg will spend all the time you need to help you understand what is going on and how it affects your future. So, give us a call. Let’s get you out of this mess.

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Throughout Missouri, law enforcement officials have been expanding efforts to crack down on drunk driving offenses. Being convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated can have serious consequences, including loss of license, higher insurance costs, heavy fines and jail time. As an experienced dui defense attorney, Wayne T. Schoeneberg P.C. has the knowledge to help you fight the charges against you and will do everything possible to protect your freedom and your right to keep driving.

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