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It Is Getting Interesting

Lawyer advertising has really changed since I started practicing law. In those times, so long ago, there was not a lawyer ad to be found on television. Now you cannot go long without seeing an ad for one firm or another.

Most of the time the ads are for personal injury law firms. I spent a great part of my career handling personal injury cases. I was on the Board of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys for years.

At one point I had the record for the largest verdict for a personal injury case in Warren County. And I did get a verdict in excess of one million dollars in a St. Louis County case.


As I got busier I either had to add more staff and overhead or limit the type of cases I handled. Because I felt more passionate about helping people protect their rights than I did getting them a monetary recovery I decided to stop handling personal injury cases. I now refer those cases to another lawyer. Now I only handle criminal cases. I represent people in cases ranging from murder to alcohol related driving offenses (DUI/DWI), and things like traffic tickets and MIP. And I did not have to hire additional staff.

Send in the Clowns

At some point the law firm of Brown and Crouppen came on the scene. They may not be the best lawyers in the St. Louis area, but they sure did dominate the field in lawyer advertising. The face of the law firm, Terry Crouppen is not known in the legal community as a top-notch trial lawyer. He is recognized as a very good front man for the law firm’s advertising. While I am on that subject, have you even seen Brown in the ads?

Their ads are very well done and I cannot even guess what their advertising budget is. But whatever it is, things just got interesting. Brown and Crouppen had the ability to outspend any of the local firms on advertising. Buying ads on television is what made them who they are today. They have great name recognition. And when you spend that much money telling people how great you are people believe it whether it is true or not.

Elephants, Too!

Then along came Morgan and Morgan.

Morgan and Morgan is a national law firm that claims to be the biggest personal injury law firm in the country. I do not know if that is true but I imagine they would not say it in a television ad if it were not. That is just the kind of thing a jealous, competing  law firm would file a complaint about.

While Brown and Crouppen used to have the advantage in ad spend, Morgan and Morgan has come in with a very sizeable ad budget and is running some very good ads.

I have enjoyed watching this battle of the advertisers play out on TV. I noticed that Brown and Crouppen has now started talking about how big they are.

Both of these law firms will be around for a long time. I am sure that the television stations are loving this. They are the ones that will really benefit from the enhanced competition.

Conflict in Every Scene

Sit back and enjoy this television drama.

And, by the way, if you, a friend or family member ever need an attorney to handle a wrongful injury or death case, call me. I know who the best attorney in the area really is. He does not have to advertise on TV. His reputation among the other attorneys is so good they refer their clients to him. Now, that’s the best type of advertising.