DWI vs DUI in Missouri

Did you get a DWI? Did you get a DUI? What is DWI vs DUI in Missouri?

The simple answer is nothing. These are just terms that have worked their way into the legal jargon.

What Missouri Law Says

 577.010 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri states: “A person commits the offense of driving while intoxicated if he or she operates a vehicle while in an intoxicated condition.”

Well, that seems pretty simple, then. The charge is “Driving While Intoxicated” or DWI. The how did we get the term DUI into our drunk driving vocabulary?

It seems that Section 577.001 of those same revised statutes defines “Intoxicated” and “Intoxicated Condition.” That section says the definition of “Intoxicated” or “Intoxicated Condition” means when a person is under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance. Or drug, or any combination thereof.

That Is How We Get DWI vs DUI in Missouri

So now we see the term “driving under the influence” or DUI appear.

And so we get the question, what is it? DWI vs DUI Missouri!

Really No Difference

I think you can see here that there is no practical difference. It is really a choice of what people want to call it. DWI vs DUI doesn’t really matter. It is the same crime known by a different set of initials.

The elements of the crime are the same. The punishment is the same. The way they are handled is the same. It doesn’t matter what you call it, the law prohibits operating a vehicle while intoxicated. And that means being under the influence of alcohol or drugs and a combination of both.

So be careful. Don’t drink and drive. If you get charged with a DWI or DUI call me. I can help you.