Andy decided he wanted to sleep in this morning so I took off alone for home at about 7:00 a.m..

The temperature was in the low 50’s when I started but quickly rose into the 60’s. The sun was out and traffic was light.

I was able to go about 180 miles between gas stops so I moved along pretty smoothly. I grabbed a breakfast at the hotel before I left. I usually don’t eat much while on the road. I will drink a protein drink when I stop for gas. Muscle Milk is my drink of choice. That was a cheap product endorsement and If the Muscle Milk people should happen to read a this, send me a case of the stuff.

By the end of the day I covered about 710 miles. I started at 7 and wrapped up around 5:30 or 6. I didn’t look at my watch. It was a nice ride almost all day. My goal was to reach Akron, Ohio by the end of the day.

When I got to Youngstown, Ohio it started to drizzle. It wasn’t so bad that I found it necessary to pull over. But as I continued on the wind picked up. I pulled off the highway for about 10 minutes and the wind died down.

I started up again. It was drizzling and I was a bout 25 miles from Youngstown. I thought about stopping there but Akron was only about another 50 miles. I pressed on.

Of course as soon as I passed Youngstown the rain increased in intensity. I figured I was already soaked I might as well keep riding. By the time I was about 10 miles from Akron I had enough. I pulled off the highway and tried t get a hotel. No vacancies at any of them. I kept going.

I was almost out of gas so I stopped for fuel. A nice lady who took one look at this soaked to the bone old guy on a bike and suggested I try the next exit. She was pretty sure I could find a motel there. God bless her. She was right.

Now I have to get all of my clothes dry for tomorrow.

It has been an interesting few days. There is some great scenery here in the northeast. It was also interesting to observe the smoke that was coming down from Canada because of the forest fires. It was more prevalent  in some areas than others. Still it was odd to see it as it drifted across the farm fields. I still saw some today.

I spoke with Andy. He got about 500 miles in and is in Clearfield, Pennsylvania for the night.

I hope to be home with the lovely Rebecca by late tomorrow afternoon.