A DUI Attorney for Bikers

Do you ride motorcycles? As a DUI attorney I encounter people from all walks of life who get tickets for DUI or DWI. Really those are the same thing.

The ones that concern me are the people who need a DUI lawyer because they were drinking and riding their motorcycle. Now please understand that just because you get a DUI ticket does not mean you are guilty. But most of the time it does mean that you had at least one drink.

Been To Sturgis Yet?

I have been riding motorcycles for a long time. I know there are favorite taverns for motorcycle riders. I have also been to the big bike rallies many, many times. I’ve been to Sturgis, Daytona and Laconia just to name a few. I see the people who are drinking too much and then getting on their bikes.

It is not only dangerous for them it is dangerous for the bikers around them. If you ride then consider this. Stop at two drinks. Most of the time that is not going to be enough to put you under the influence of alcohol. Two drinks are pretty safe in most instances.

That way you probably won’t end up needing a DUI lawyer.

Get Good Results

I have had good success in representing motorcycle riders in DUI cases. Many times police officers apply a different standard to bikers than they do others. That leads some police to issue a DUI ticket to a biker when they wouldn’t give one to somebody driving a car.

You do not want to ruin a good ride by having to find a DWI attorney. And you really don’t want to end up crashing that beautiful bike of yours.

If you need me, I’m just a phone call away. 314-708-1000 Ride safe.