What A DUI Attorney Does

A DUI in Missouri can result in a number of outcomes. Those outcomes range from jail to a suspended imposition of sentence with no fine at all. And there is always the possibility of not guilty. Any DUI attorney will tell you that there is no “one size fits all” situation.

One of the first things I need to know as a DUI attorney is whether or not you took the breath test. If you did, we take one path. If you didn’t, we take another.

Did You Blow?

If you did take the breath test a blew .08 or above you are subject to a 30 suspension of your license followed by a 60 day period of restricted driving. If you meet certain requirements you will get your license back. But that suspension will stay on your driving record.

Did You Refuse?

If you refused to take the breath test you license is immediately revoked. You are given a 15 day driving permit. You need to contact a DUI attorney at once. I can take steps to stop that revocation but time is of the essence.

It’s Free

I never charge a person for the initial interview. It is important for you to get into my as soon as possible. You have a lot to worry about. How you will come up with money when you weren’t expecting an expanse should not be one of them. If you decide you want me as your DUI attorney we can discuss what the fee will be for your case. I will work with you on a payment plan if you need it.

Here’s The Law

The specific law prohibiting driving while intoxicated is section 557.010 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri

If you get a DUI ticket you need to get a DUI attorney right away. Don’t be embarrassed to call me. Getting a ticket does not make you a bad person. In fact you may not even be guilty.

I Can Help You Out of This

I can help you but only if you call me right away. I have been handling DUI tickets for many years. Let me put my experience on your side.