Helping Out Another Criminal Defense Attorney

Here is a story about a recent case. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I am frequently asked to help other criminal defense attorneys with their cases. Recently a younger criminal defense lawyer near me called and asked me to help him out.

Drug Possession Attorney

His client was charged with possession of methamphetamine. The case originated in 2019. So by the time it was coming to trial almost 5 years had gone by. The county where the charges were pending is way behind in resolving their cases. It is a real mess. I am not sure who is to blame but somebody is responsible.

The Right Decision

The younger criminal defense attorney and I met to go over the case. He was confident he could win it. However, he made a brave decision and asked for help. It never hurts to ask for another criminal defense lawyer to take a look at a case.

We went over the facts. It looked like the case could be won. But if the client, a young woman, was found guilty she would be facing up to 7 years in the penitentiary. There is always a risk in any criminal case.

Last Minute Maneuvering

As you might expect there had been some plea bargaining going on. The State had not offered anything that a reasonable criminal defense lawyer would accept. I told him we should just keep pushing on and get ready for trial. The facts were weak for the State. It was a circumstantial case and those can go either way.

Last minute motions were filed by the State and by the defense. They were set for argument on the day of the pre-trial.

What  Great Plea Offer

When we arrived there was a new offer on the table for our client to consider. Basically, the State said that our client could continue to assert her innocence and if she would not get in any trouble for one year the case would be dismissed.

That’s as good as a “not guilty” verdict. Our client was thrilled. She got this horrible burden of not knowing what was going to happen lifted of her shoulders and she got to go home a free woman.

And that is what a good criminal defense attorney can do for a person.

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