Today did not start out as planned. Andy and I were originally going to meet at 10:00 a.m. That was later changed to 10:30 a.m. At around 10:00 I headed out to the Panera on Zumbehl to meet with Andy. I stopped to gas up and as I pulled out of the gas station it started to drizzle. By the time I got to Panera is was pouring down rain. I was soaked. I got off the bike, grabbed my gear and went inside. Andy arrived at about 10:45 a.m. dry.

We talked for a moment to solidify our plans. At about 11:00 a.m we got on the bikes and headed out. We must have gone about a mile before the skies opened up again. As luck would have it there was a Show-Me’s restaurant near there. We took shelter for almost an hour. By noon we were back on the road.

We made it as far as St. Elmo, Illinois before we had to stop for fuel. After a brief stop there we headed off and made it as far as Plainfield, Indiana before Andy pulled off for a beer. Two beers and we were off again.

I had hoped to make it to Columbus, Ohio tonight. That did not happen We are staying not far short of Dayton, Ohio in a Clarion Hotel, There is a Skyline Chili restaurant right next door. For all of those people who heap such high praise on Sky line Chili, I say, “Get over it.” There is nothing remarkable about it other that the fact they put cinnamon in it. Big deal. It is very ordinary chili.

We ended the evening having a few beers in the bar at the hotel. The bartender was a very nice lady who was closing when the two of us arrived. She agreed to stay open for us. Now it is time for bed.

This trip to Laconia will take at least three days at this rate,