Today also got off to a slow start. After sleeping in and eating a big breakfast at the local Perkins Pancake House we did not hit the road until well after 10:00 a.m.

We initially made good time cruising at about 80 mph. The temperatures dropped into the low to mid 60’s. It was on the cold side of just being chilly. I had prepared for that and had on a great thermal shirt I had purchased before I went to Russia to engage in airborne ops.

In the end, though things did not end to our liking. We hit two huge construction delays. One of them took us over an hour to get through. We would start, drive about twenty five yards and then have to stop for a few minutes. This went on for about an hour at one site and about 35 minutes at another.

In all we covered only 360 miles in the entire day. On a good day I usually cover about 750 miles. Right now we have made it to Dunkirk, Pennsylvania. That is about 500 hundred miles from Laconia.

Seems simple enough. Under reasonable circumstances we could make Laconia tomorrow afternoon. However, the weather channel is predicting rain all along our route. That is with the temperatures in the 60’s.

Twenty years again I rode my motorcycle to Laconia. I have been to motorcycle rallies; many of them. I have no burning desire to ride in the rain with temperatures in the 60’s. Call me a sissy if you must. I am getting up tomorrow, checking the weather and riding in the direction that is not raining.

If that means I do not make it to Laconia this year, so be it. Stay tuned.