We did not do much better mileage wise than the day before. In all we were under 400 miles. That’s is attributed to rain. There was lots of it and we spent more time driving in the rain that we did dry. But that can only go on so long before you have top stop and dry out a little bit. It was also pretty chilly. The temperatures were in the low to mid 50’s.

We made it to Bennington, Vermont. For the evening. That is about 10 miles from Laconia. Bennington apparently has one motel. It is something out of the old days. The lady who runs the place makes you look at the room before you check in to see f you really want it. We looked at it and took it anyway.

We found a place for dinner about a mile and a half from here. We walked there. We tried to Uber or Lyft back to the motel. Neither service could produce a driver. It was a long, long. Walk at the end of a very grueling day.

The last part of the ride was in very scenic territory. We expect to be in Laconia around noon. The weather reports look favorable. Stay tuned.